New Brunch Menu & Remodel in San Mateo

For the first time we're offering brunch in San Mateo on the weekends until 6pm. There are six new dishes on the brunch menu such as the Old Delhi Bread Pakora (a batter fried sando stuffed with paneer, potatoes and chutney), Pau Bhaji (veggie mash with amul buttered pav buns for dipping), and our house favorite the Amritsari Chana Bhatura (fried puffed leavened bread (bhatura) with garbanzo beans (chana) masala). All dishes are $7.50. 

Our San Mateo location is also getting a fresh new look come December. We're renovating our dining room over the next few weeks including adding new furniture pieces, benches and chairs, new tables, updating the lighting, adding wallpaper and getting fresh new paint.