Lunch Box Love: Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

Our co-owner and mother of three young daughters, Rana Kapoor, shared her favorite Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich school lunch recipe with the kids app company, Toca Boca.

Since Rana is always on the go (with four restaurants & five food trucks to run!) she likes to make quick, but healthy meals for her daughters' school lunch. One of her favorite, easy to make recipes is a chicken salad sandwich with a bit of a Curry Up Now twist. Since her kids are used to things a little more on the spicier side she adds a dash of Sriracha for a little kick and blends in curry powder and diced shallot.  

You can view the recipe and entire post on the Toca Boca website here

Let us know if you try out the recipe and if your little ones love the sandwich as much as Rana's does!