Making the move to Uptown Oakland!

That's right! We've secured the perfect location for our 5th brick & mortar restaurant in the Oakland neighborhood of Uptown and we couldn't be more excited. 

Our founders, Akash and Rana Kapoor always welcomed the opportunity to share their vision of tasty, convenient, affordable dining with an engaged foodie community. In this spirit, they thought, what could be more appropriate than opening in Oakland. 

The Oakland menu will include our quintessential street food items such as Bhel Puri (puffed rice, potato garbanzo mash, cucumber), Vada Pav (mashed potato fritter sandwiched between an Amul buttered bun) and Pav Bhaji (a Mumbai street Bhaji mash of cauliflower, beans, carrots, potatoes and peas). Not to be missed will of course be the iconic Tikka Masala Burrito and our deconstructed Samosa along with The Naughty Naan and Sexy Fries plus many vegan and gluten-free choices. New to the menu are Kofta Fauja Singh (chicken or lamb kofta meatballs), Indian Railway Cutlet (schnitzel-like cutlet of crumb fried maggi masala noodle and veggies with Sriracha aioli) and Kababpav (chicken or lamb kofta meatballs on a Amul buttered bun with onions, chutney, hot sauce and chips).

Among the choices of self-serve libations will be Ginger Mint Lemonade and house made lassis including Mango Lassi, Mint Mango Lassi, and Rose Mango Lassi. Select beers and wines, often California sourced, will be offered, along with a sangria bar.

The 1,800 square foot venue, designed by Stephanie Batties of Right Touch Designs, will seat up to 50 guests and evoke an Old Calcutta ethos with wicker and wood finishes, tile work, ceiling fans and colorful portraits from Rajasthan. There will be a community table and sidewalk seating for 16 is planned.

Curry Up Now in Oakland will be located at 1745 San Pablo Avenue, near 18th Street, adjacent to The New Parish entertainment venue. The restaurant will be open daily for lunch and dinner with late night hours for New Parish events.